Product Details

  • Type
    • Cranberry
  • Brand Name
    • Mondial Uberti's
  • Taste
    • Sweet

Supply Ability

  • Packaging Details
    • 11,34 kg

Detailed Product Description

The cranberry (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) is a slightly acid red berry from a shrub mainly found in Canada.
These small berries come from the blueberry family and are extremely popular in Europe.
Recognized for a long time for their beneficial properties, cranberries help to eliminate water and toxins and contribute to reducing the attachment of bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract.
Use plain or mixed with other dried fruits in cereals, cakes, creams or biscuit, 
Ingredients: cranberries* (Vaccinium macrocarpon), cane sugar*
Coating agent: sunflower oil*